This Is Why We Do What We Do!

The only way I could get to work or my doctor’s appointment was GreenLink's relationship with the car rental company.

Kieran Cleveland

You helped me get through the holidays and get my life back on track.

Anita Chestnut

They provided cash advances for me with overdue bills that came up while out of work due to my accident.

Johns Burgess

The only way I could pay for my medical needs was GreenLink. I really appreciate them being there for me when I needed them.

Tasha Johnson

They helped out with payment for my pain management and physical therapy.

James Scott

GreenLink’s funding helped me pay my rent and groceries during these difficult times.

Cynthia Lee

You helped me pay for my medical procedures.

Jerry L.

The settlement helped me with my transportation needs to get my family back and forth to doctor's appointments. I could not have done it without GreenLink.

Edward Garner

Green Link helped me pay for my kid's birthday and Christmas presents.

Michael Langley

I have four dogs and needed money to feed them.

Chuck Young

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