Medical Lien Management

GreenLink Solutions Medical Lien Management Services provides medical funding to clients involved in a general injury case and other injuries resulting from negligence. We focus on assisting clients in receiving the necessary healthcare. Our company has a network of healthcare providers that include orthopedists, hospitals, surgical centers, diagnostic facilities, pain management, and physical therapy. We also provide online services that allow our clients to submit a case application.

Pre-Settlement Funding

If you plan to file a lawsuit or have already filed a lawsuit, you may have to wait years before your case is resolved. Medical expenses, lost wages, and daily-living expenses can create an overwhelming financial burden to plaintiffs, particularly to personal injury victims. Often, lawsuit plaintiffs are unable to work and also face steep medical bills. GreenLink Solutions understands. We can get you the money you need when you need it most with pre-settlement funding.

Pre-settlement funding is available for a variety of case types. Knowing whether you qualify for GreenLink Solutions pre-settlement funding is simple. When you’ve retained a lawyer after suffering damages, you are automatically qualified for plaintiff funding. When you apply for plaintiff lawsuit funding from GreenLink Solutions, our team will evaluate your case and reach out to you with available funding options.

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